Welcome Home – It’s Great To Be Back

Yesterday, we were able to meet in the building for the first time this year.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions placed upon us by our landlord (Methodist Church), unfortunately we weren’t able to meet in person.

Now, though, it’s back on track.

We had a time of sharing, whereby people can tell their own story about what’s been going on in their life, or their own general thoughts.

We had some positive testimonies which, as is often the case, fitted together nicely with the rest of the service.

The sermon was from Matthew 24, and in particular, the verses that tell us that the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.

The building itself look beautiful, thanks to Malcom and Wendy, who provided the flowers and cleaned respectively.

Why not join us this coming Sunday. We meet in Park Chapel, Binfield Street and start at 10.30 a.m.

It would be lovely to see you.

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