Every Problem In Life Has An Answer

Welcome to the first Tipton Family Church online service of the month. We hope to have positive news in due course regarding a return to the building. In the meantime, enjoy the weekly services with a difference.

Isn’t it great that we can call Jesus our friend? That’s the exact inspiration that Joseph Scriven had in 1855, when he received news that his mother was very ill. He wrote the lyrics to our first hymn.

Some people blame God when things go wrong in their life. Others draw closer. How do you react in adverse circumstances?

The reality is that love lifts us and that’s the exact theme for our second hymn.

Today’s short mini-sermon comes from the world of nature. It doesn’t matter what problems life throws at us, there’s always an answer.

As Christians, we ultimately believe that the answer lies in Jesus. He is the source of our inspiration. When the storms of life come against us, he’s the one that will bring peace. Thank you Lord.

Our final song takes us back to 1937 and Beulah Land. Enjoy and be blessed.

Thank you for joining with us today. Stay safe and be encouraged. He’s in control. Always. Amen.

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