We Kick-Off With Our First Football-Themed Service Since Returning From Lockdown

Yesterday, our service was another one with a football-theme. It’s optional, of course, but people can wear a shirt if they like. That’s Debby, in the lead image, in a Wolverhampton Wanderers top.

As we often do, we had a share time and, keeping to the theme of the service, Stewart shares something below. The message was recorded at home, not church.


In addition, the sermon also had a football-related introduction, and you can watch the condensed version, also below.


As no doubt comes through from the videos, we are a very easy-going church. In addition, the sermons and messages are all very practical, and communicated so that we can apply them in our own lives.

Why not join us this coming Sunday? We meet at Binfield Street Chapel, Tipton, and the postcode is DY4 8LS. Services start at 10.30 a.m.

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