After Eighteen Weeks Away, It’s Good To Be Back

One-third of a year has passed since we were last able to meet as a church. However, today, we were able to finally get back to where we left off in the early spring.

Yes, there are still restrictions, but we didn’t let them hinder us. It’s a different service in many ways to what we’re used to but the general thrust is still the same.

The lead image is Wendy, reading Psalm 23, from the front of the church.

The feedback was unanimously positive as Lovepreet and Debby testified:

“My first day in church after the lockdown was really good. I adopted the new rules of the church easily and it was very simple.” (Lovepreet)

“New guidelines and rules to adhere to but it was good to be back in church today. The way we meet together may be different, but as we heard this morning, we are the church and that will never change.” (Debby)

In addition, Wendy also said: “Good to be back at church at last. Some restrictions but nothing to spoil the enjoyment of the service.”

There’s also a short video from Stewart, that you can watch below.


Why not join with us next Sunday? We meet at Binfield Street Chapel (DY4 8LS) and start at 10.30 a.m.


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