It’s Sunday Morning And That Means Another Service With A Difference!

Welcome to Tipton Family Church. As the lockdown continues, as far as churches are concerned anyway, we continue with our Sunday morning website meetings.

Our opening song is from the Southwest Baptist Church, in Oklahoma City. Since Jesus Came Into My Heart.

Lord, we pray for your continued peace in difficult times. Although it may not make sense, and certainly won’t be understood by many, we know that you are still in control and have all things in hand. Amen.

We stay in the USA for our second hymn. This time it’s the First Baptist Dallas Choir singing When We All Get To Heaven.

We continue with the same church for Power In The Blood.

Thought for today – Tough times can either be a stumbling block or a building block. It’s up to us which. Don’t allow difficulties to break us but rather make us.

We’re still in the USA for our third song, as we visit the Shenandoah Christian Music Camp for Down By The Riverside.

For our final hymn, we move much closer to home. Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah concludes today’s service. Associated with Wales, with its long history of song, we pay a visit this time to the Tabernacle Welsh Baptist Church, in Cardiff.

Lord, we thank you for today. Although we are not together in person, we are definitely joined in spirit. We commit the upcoming week into your hands. Amen.

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