Hello, And Welcome To Our Sunday Morning Service With A Difference

Welcome. Good morning! Although we can’t be together in person, the wonders of modern technology means at least we can stay connected. Welcome to our service with a difference.

Song. Our opening song comes from Casting Crowns and is a live version of Good Good Father.



Notices. Until we are able to meet in person, then of course there’s no Sunday morning service at Park Chapel. In the meantime though, we will post a service with a difference every week.

Today’s songs were chosen by Debby Bloor, who features in the lead image. Would you like to see yours used? Send the YouTube links (3) to stewartbloor@outlook.com.

Song. Our next song is Tim Hughes singing He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.



Thought. Whatever is going on around us, God is still on the throne. We may not know what the future holds but He does. He’s still in control.

Song. Our third song comes from YFriday and it’s Everlasting God.



Sermon. Today’s message is from 1 Timothy 4:2 and is called Hypocritical liars and seared consciences.



Close. We hope that you have enjoyed today’s service. Stay safe and stay alert. We leave you with The Blessing.



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