Welcome To Today’s On-Line Service… The Sermon Is About Grudges And Forgiveness

Welcome. The days seem to fly by and it’s another Sunday. Sadly, it’s also another on-line service, as opposed to meeting in person. Nevertheless, enjoy and be blessed.


Song. We go to the USA for our opening hymn, as Alan Jackson sings ‘Blessed Assurance’ live. Some country to get us going. Whatever the genre, if it’s God-focused, it’s all good.


Prayer. Lord, we thank you that in these troubled times we can know peace. Not the shallow peace that depends on external circumstances but real and true peace. Deep peace that only comes from you. Amen.


Song. Our next song comes again from the USA and the genre is revealed in the name of the band. Enjoy, as Ransomed Bluegrass sing ‘I Saw The Light’.


Thought. The mind is a battle ground. The winner has control over your heart. Be careful what you allow into the former because the latter will be directly affected.


Song. We come closer to home, geographically at least, with ‘Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer’.


Sermon. This week’s short message looks at grudges and forgiveness. Recorded this morning, the opening line is that we often talk about holding grudges but in reality it’s the grudge that holds us.


Close. Lord, we recognise the destructive nature of a grudge, how it controls us and slowly destroys us from within. Help us, with your grace and strength, to live in forgiveness and peace. Amen.

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