Join Us For Our Sunday Website Service

Good morning and welcome to the Tipton Family Church website. No Sunday morning meeting today, of course, but there is a website service that you can follow below.

Prayer: Lord, we come to you today very much aware that we do live in troubled times. However, we also know that you are the one that calmed the storm. Not only two thousand years ago though, with a literal tempest, but you are also more than willing to bring peace into our lives in the here and now. Lord, we open our hearts and ask you to do that. Amen.

Hymn. Canada’s Arian Male Voice Choir sing The Lord’s My Shepherd:


Thought: It’s been several weeks since we last met on a Sunday morning as a church. Although we may not be together in person though, we can certainly unite in spirit. It’s good to see that everyone is doing well health-wise, and on that note, pray not only for each other in church, but also for others outside of it.

Hymn. Congregational singing from the Southwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as they bring us one of our favourites at TFC:

Hymn. More from Oklahoma. This time it’s Beulah Land:


Sermon. Is your life flourishing and blossoming? Some thoughts from the world of nature: 



Hymn. More from the USA, this time it’s the Calvary Mennonite Youth Group, singing at a Methodist Church in Dover, Tennesse.


Close: We hope that you have enjoyed today’s service with a difference. Stay safe and see you soon. Amen.

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