A Casting Crowns Sunday Morning

Good morning Tipton Family Church, it’s great to see that everyone is doing well in these difficult times. It’s another day, and in particular, another Sunday. It’s different having not been in church for several weeks, but the human spirit copes well, generally speaking, and you adapt.

This morning, I’ve been listening to Casting Crowns at home. I’ve been on Spotify, the lead image is of a CD that we have and the embedded videos below are from YouTube.

Listen to them, take in the words, and reflect. If you’re not familiar with Casting Crowns, why not search them out for yourself. True ministry in song, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget that although we may not be meeting in person, we are still united in spirit.

If anyone needs to contact me, I’m always available. Stewart Bloor (stewartboor@outlook.com)




What This World Needs:


Praise You In This Storm:


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