Happy Easter – Join Us For A Service With A Difference

Welcome to Tipton Family Church and our Easter Sunday morning service. Well, the website and one with a difference. Although we are following the government guidelines during these difficult times, we are still bringing you a service, albeit an alternative one, this morning.

Let’s start with an opening prayer.

Lord, we thank you for today. When you gave your life, in your dying breath you said that “It is finished”, and today we remember that the work of salvation was completed on the cross of Calvary. A-men.

Our first song is a rousing one – aren’t they all on Easter Sunday – as we listen to Voice Of Eden singing Up From The Grave He Arose.

Not that we ever make a thing about money anyway but today there is no collection. Just enjoy the service with a difference.

In these difficult times, it’s only fitting though that we should have a designated time of prayer.

Lord, we ask that you will be evident in the chaos, uncertainty and even death that we witness all around us at the moment. We ask that you would be with all those on the front-line, such medical staff, or others working away quietly in the background.

For those who are in fear, give hope and when minds are troubled help us to turn to you, that we might know true peace. A-men.

For our next song we have Tim Hughes joining us as we sing The Greatest Day In History. Happy day indeed!

We hope you enjoyed that, it’s a great song. Now it’s time for the sermon with Stewart Bloor sharing some Easter Sunday thoughts.

Here’s a personal message from Stewart.

Happy Easter! As a Christian, the scripture that always comes to mind at this time is when the two Marys and Salome went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus.

I call them disciples, because although we tend to think of the original twelve when we hear that word, by then those that decided to follow Jesus had spread far and wide beyond that initial dozen.

When they got the tomb, however, there was no dead body. While Friday was a time of death, Sunday was all about life. Today, millions of Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection.

“He has risen! He is not here.”

Mark 16:6


Thank you for joining us in our service with a difference. Shall we do it again?

Take care, look after yourself and hopefully we’ll see you at Park Chapel in person in the not too distant future.

To close here’s New Tradition and their version of Three Men On A Mountain. Enjoy!

Pastor: Rev. Stewart Bloor. Contact: stewartbloor@outlook.com

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