Faith And Football? No Problem – Weekly News

Last Sunday was another one of our football-themed services and that’s Andy, in his Sheffield Wednesday shirt, taking a photo of Kim, in her Halesowen Town top, after the meeting.

Football and faith, who would have thought they sit comfortably alongside each other. At Tipton Family Church we are just ordinary people, who as well as believe in God, also do things like go to football matches and enjoy the beautiful game.

Sometimes people have the impression that being a Christian means you can’t participate in anything other than singing hymns or saying the Lord’s Prayer.

It’s not true, and our pastor works full-time in the world of football as the head of media at a professional club. So, if you love the game then pay us a visit and find out more.

See you on Sunday? We meet at Binfield Street Chapel, DY4 8LS, and we kick-off at 10.30 a.m.

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