Setting Our Stall Out To Grow In 2019 – Weekly News

It was great to be back at church last Sunday, following the festive period. We also kicked the New Year off with a first-time visitor. This was very encouraging and especially so since we have set our stall out to grow this year.

We’re only a small church so there are lots of things that we can’t do due to personnel and resource limitations. However, the important thing is that we do something, and so each week of 2019 we are setting ourselves objectives, in order to reach out and connect with people.

Last week we promoted a post on our Facebook page which was extremely successful. Views on our website rocketed and that’s important because growth is also about sowing seeds. You don’t just do one thing and then suddenly the church is full the next day. It takes time.

This time round we are encouraging everyone to share this post on social media. You may be reading it as a result of that. If so, why not pay us a visit!

The sermons at church are always practical and relevant and you can watch last week’s in a condensed version below. Like what you see? Come along and hear the full versions live!

The lead image is of the music playlist that goes on in the background before and after the service itself. We were blessed this time round with The Worldwide Message Tribe!

We meet at Binfield Street Chapel, DY4 8LS. Contact details: Rev. Stewart Bloor @

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  1. Used come to this church , no longer live in the area. It’s a lovley family church well worth a visit . Do something thing dig difrent this year

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