A New Year, A New Start. Why Not Visit Tipton Family Church This Sunday – Weekly News

Hello, and a happy New Year to you. Why not pay us a visit this coming Sunday?

A New Year, A New Start

So often, when we make our resolutions at the start of a new year, we focus on externals. Things such as losing weight, stopping smoking, taking up a gym membership and so on are all very admirable, of course they are, but many times we forget to deal with the real issues in our lives.

At TFC the sermons that we preach are all very practical. It’s not deep theology, littered with Greek and Hebrew words, but logical principles that, if applied, will change our lives for the better.

Nothing wrong with the former, of course, but we believe that Christianity is more than just head knowledge. It has to be something that makes a difference in the way that we live our everyday lives.

We are only a small church but this year we are looking to grow in numbers. Why not pay us a visit this Sunday? You may be new to the area and looking for a spiritual home, perhaps lapsed in church attendance or even just a ‘weddings and funeral’ person.

It doesn’t matter, whatever category you are in we would love to see you. We meet at Binfield Street Chapel, DY4 8LS at 10.30 a.m. Contact details: stewartbloor@outlook.com.

Make this a New Year and a New Start!


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