We Want To Grow, Maybe You’re Part Of That Growth – Weekly News

Last weekend was another of our services with a football-theme, and as always, it went well and was enjoyed by all.

This time round (Sunday, November 25 2018) it’s a ‘normal’ service, if we can use that word. As a church, although we are serious about God, we are informal and easy-going in the way we go about things.

Every church functions in a way that suits the congregation. Some churches are more formal than others, for example. There’s no right or wrong, by the way, it’s just that although the goal is the same the build-up play is very different.

If our sort of church appeals to you then why not pay us a visit this weekend? We’re only a small group but we would like to grow. Maybe you’re part of that growth!

Contact: Stewartbloor@outlook.com or just turn up at Binfield Street Chapel, Tipton, DY4 8LS. See you Sunday!

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