We Feel The Same Pain And Hurt That Atheists Do – Weekly News

Live in the Black Country? What are you doing this coming Sunday? Why not pay us a visit at Tipton Family Church?

We are a small but friendly fellowship, that consists of ordinary people who have found that God is more than just ‘someone who is somewhere out there’, as many believe.

We believe that faith is important but also that it’s normal and natural. As Christians we are just like everyone else. We know life’s struggles; we feel the same pain and hurt that atheists do.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you live in a bubble, far from it.

It does mean though that you don’t have to travel life’s journey alone. That’s the difference. We have all proved that even in the dark times, the Lord is still with us.

We meet at Binfield Street Chapel, DY4 8LS at 10.30 a.m. We would love to see you.

Contact details: stewart.bloor@outlook.com / 07815 432 371

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