We Live In An Upside-Down And Inside-Out World -Weekly News

We had a good service yesterday. There is often a theme that runs through the meeting and this is usually added to by contributions from individuals who weren’t originally aware of any planning.

It’s always good when this happens and yesterday was no exception, with a reading and sharing time contributing to the theme, which was along the lines that we live in an upside-down, inside-out world.

The verse was from Judges: ‘In those days there was no King and everyone did as he saw fit’. As our society increases to push Christianity further and further away, we witness this going on.

There is no moral compass and that’s why the world in which we live is all over the place.

However, faith brings stability, order and clarity.

To find out more about the Christian life that we go on about all the time, why not pay us a visit yourself? We meet at Binfield Street Chapel in Tipton every Sunday morning at 10.30.

Contact: stewartbloor@outlook.com

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