See You On Sunday – Weekly News

Whoever said time flies wasn’t joking. We’re back at Binfield Street Chapel this coming Sunday morning in what will be the first service in June.

Why not join us? We are a church that preaches a very practical message, one that is relevant for today.

We hear so many times how people think church is boring, old fashioned or not for them. Often it’s based on what has been passed on by others.

Well, why not try Tipton Family Church and make your own mind up? We meet at 10.30 a.m.

We’d love the opportunity to present church in a way that perhaps you’ve never imagined. No stuffiness, no formality, no awkwardness. Come as you are, be yourself and be accepted for who you are.

The church is located at DY4 8LS and for more details, contact:


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