It Is Finished – Weekly News

This coming Sunday (April 1, 2018) is not only the first day of April but it’s also Easter Sunday. Although the date changes every year, so it’s not an exact moment in time, nevertheless the celebration is always very real as Christians remember the resurrection.

Why not join us at Tipton Family Church as we worship the living God. As a church we are just ordinary people who have come to the realisation that God is very much alive. In fact, more than that, he wants to be involved in our lives.

We’re not super-spiritual people who live with our heads in the clouds. We are very much grounded, with our feet firmly on terra firma. Why not pay us a visit this weekend (10.30 a.m.) and see what makes us tick. You will be very welcome.

Park Street Chapel, Binfield Street. DY4 8LS. Contact:

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