Something different today at church yesterday – two sermons!

1. Ecclesiastes 3. There are seasons in life. Just like spring becomes summer etc we move on from season to season. Things fluctuate within seasons, though it doesn’t always mean the season’s coming to an end. You can get sub-zero one week in winter (or as it was described,¬†grayling weather!) then the next it’s 14C. The season isn’t necessarily coming to an end, it’s still winter. Only move when the season has ended.

2. Galatians 6. We reap what we sow. People say I’ll be nice to those who are nice to me – but the sowing comes before the reaping. Just be nice anyway, you sow and you will reap. Sow acts of kindness and you’ll get the same in return. If our life is constant conflict it may well be that we are sowing the wrong seeds. Sow seeds of division and you’ll get division. Sow seeds of friendship and you’ll get harmony.

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