ON THE ROAD WITH TFC – Weekly news


We had a great evening, Sunday just gone, at Excel Church in Bilston with Dek Dudfield.
Dek asked me to speak on three Fs, Fishing 🐟 Football ⚽️ Faith πŸ˜‡
The gist was showing that being a Christian is normal. You do normal things like go fishing and like football. Some people have funny ideas of what being a Christian means.
Did some show-and-tell with the football bit, couple of TNS shirts. Robbie Parry’s Welsh Cup final one and the top that Mike Wilde played in and scored in last season’s Champions League game in the Faroe Islands.
I got some flags from one of the TNS games and said the first three kids out the front could get one.
Kim did the reading and Andy shared his testimony and Debby Bloor was the photographer πŸ“Έ

Stewart Bloor

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