Do you like football? Well we certainly do at TFC and this coming Sunday is a football-themed service. We’d love to see you and feel free to wear the shirt of your favourite team.

Did you know that our minister, Stewart Bloor, is actually involved in the world of professional football? Well, come along and find out more!

We also have a church-based team that plays on Monday evenings. They nearly picked up a point last week but two very late goals meant they lost 2-4. Never mind, there’s always next week.

We have a baptism coming up the first week of February. It’s in Bilston so our church building won’t be open that morning. Andy is getting dunked and that’s him with Adam in the lead photograph, taken at TFC last Sunday.

See you Sunday! Binfield Street, Tipton at 10.30 a.m.

Contact: Stewart Bloor 07815 432371

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