It’s looking very festive at Tipton Family Church in anticipation of our carol service this coming Sunday (December 14 at 10.30am). Why not join us?
Last Sunday’s sermon looked at Joseph and his reaction to the discovery that Mary his wife-to-be, the virgin, was pregnant.
As a man of integrity he didn’t make a scene, he just wanted to ease out quietly. As far as he was concerned she had been unfaithful, he was hurt but still he didn’t rant and rage. He kept his dignity.
For too many people, life is all about them, the slightest thing anyone else does to them (whether real or just imagined) they hit social media to tell the world how wronged they are.
Also, things aren’t always what they seem to be. Mary hadn’t been unfaithful. Joseph only knew this later though. It’s during the times of uncertainty that our character is exposed. How we react tells us where we really are.

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