We have re-launched our midweek meeting and last night was the first. We’re looking at hope and starting off by working through a passage in Genesis that deals with an event in the life of Jacob.

The format is a conversational bible study, led by Stewart Bloor. We’re taking a three-fold look at the scriptures – observation, interpretation and application.

Why not join us? If you’ve been a Christian for many years or you have no church background at all, there’s something for everyone. We meet every other Wednesday, check the ‘Diary – what’s on’ link at the head of the website.

We had a first-time visitor last night, Jez, this is what he had to say:

‘Really enjoyed my time tonight at TFC, not only was it good to meet and share thoughts with nice new people, but was also an excellent opportunity to search out some answers regarding the many mysteries of God. Can’t wait for next time’. 

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