Today and the week ahead (Church news)

We had a good service this morning and the sermon was, as always, very practical. It covered the need to understand the difference between a passion (good) and an obsession (bad). We have added a condensed version to the site and you can view that right now.

We also had a new child in the service for the first time, which was great to see. We do run a Sunday School while the sermon is on, so if you have small children they can be catered for.

Today was also a chance for the church people to hear about the new site, so if that’s you, we hope you like it. Don’t forget to follow and of course use the share buttons.

Wednesday is Lifegroup, and as always, all are welcome. Then next Sunday, we have a visiting speaker: Neil Easton. Neil has been to TFC before, so it’s great to welcome him back.

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